About Biosafety and Biosecurity For High School Students


To create awareness about biosafety and biosecurity in teaching laboratories for high school students.


To educate students to take care of their safety, community and the environment.

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Scientific experimentation at the high school level has been significantly increased over the past few years with improvements in the delivery of quality education in Pakistan. This has resulted in a high number of laboratory activities in schools.

Therefore, regular training is needed for new learners in the laboratory to handle the equipment, chemical and study objects safely. Awareness of best biosafety practices in high school laboratories will enable the students to prevent exposure to biohazards.

To educate youth on biohazards and help them minimize personnel and environmental biorisks, this program provided training on biorisk management best practices in high school teaching laboratories.

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Biosafety and Biosecurity guide for high school students [English]

Biosafety and Biosecurity guide for high school students [Urdu]

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